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This is where I do live videos, post behind the scenes photos, and provide lots of goodness to enhance your personal and professional life and get you through your day… I also engage most with my tribe via Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  LET’S CONNECT. 


I’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many, in many different fields all over the globe. Most of whom have gone on to prominent careers and created businesses of their own. Check out a few stories of those that have been able to find their discover their balance, eliminate the overwhelm, establish their business and maximize their leadership.  We hope that you’ll be featured next.  

- Transformation Therapist

- Life & Leadership Coach

- Mental Health Expert

- Success Strategist


In many ways, I've always felt like I grew up ahead of my time. By 15, I had three jobs and still maintained my grades in high school while also being a student athlete. I maintained this work ethic throughout college and graduate school and directly upon completing my graduate degree, I started my own business. Not knowing anything about how I was going to start, who I could reach out to for help and whether my plan would work, I pressed on alone.  This allowed me to have a plethora of experiences, some that shook me to my core. But Ive used all of those experiences as a catalyst to motivate and inspire others.  After several, experiences, positive and negative,

many mistakes, several changes, I decided to document my business process and my entrepreneurial journey to help others.

Today, I am able to connect with entrepreneurs across the globe and right in my back yard to help them become their absolute best selves in entrepreneurship, leadership and in their personal lives.


Seeing others happy, makes me happy!!

Although I realize that God has so much more in store for my life, the knowledge and experiences I have gained along my journey have been absolutely life changing. With over a decade of business ownership experience, a passion for people, two degrees in Psychology and a heart of gold; I have every intent to make this world a happier and mentally healthier place, one person at a time.


IF YOU’RE TIRED of settling and you feel like there is more to life than where you are…trust me, THERE IS! And it's time for you to get ChristalClear about yours. Stop watching from the side lines and jump in to experience your next level. You’re doing yourself a disservice living anything less than what God has destined for you.


I’d count it an honor and a pleasure to escort you into your next level with "Christal clarity"!


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