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We’re thrilled that you’re visiting us. Whether you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, can’t seem to get the necessary confidence to take your life to the next level or you're struggling to find balance in all the roles you’re trying to juggle, I’d be delighted to support you. You are not here by coincidence, your transformation starts here.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Life and Leadership Coach and a Success Strategist who is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and mental health.  My life calling is to teach teachers, champion therapists, coach coaches and change the lives of life changers. I’m a North Carolina girl, married to an incredible guy named Josh and we have three beautiful babies together. I’m super close to my family, immediate and extended and I love nothing more than spending time and doing life with them.    

Check out my professional Bio...

​Christal E. Carmichael is a Transformation Therapist, Keynote speaker, and a Success Strategist. Christal’s mission began as a passion to serve and treat those with mental health challenges so that they may have the privilege of living an emotionally balanced lifestyle. Her passion serves as a foundation for her counseling, coaching and consulting firm, ChristalClear Worldwide.


Christal is a serial entrepreneur, serving also as  president and CEO, managing one of the most authentic and transformative mental health organizations in North Carolina. Serving others has been a natural inclination for Christal and she has made it her lifelong commitment to serve God, her family and her community. Her gentle, yet strong and teachable spirit has afforded her numerous opportunities to mentor and inspire others to make an impact on today’s global society.


In her highly productive career, Christal prioritizes and successfully mentors students and professionals at all levels, to reach their academic and professional potential; most of who have gone on to prominent positions of their own.


Christal is an extraordinary business owner, therapist and Professor, highly regarded in the field of Psychology and throughout the mental health community. Her ability to hear her patient’s needs coupled with her extensive knowledge and her insightful approach to problem solving has led to her becoming the choice of patients, as well as many clinicians and their own families.


Christal graduated with honors with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from North Carolina Central University. During her undergraduate years, she served as Miss Freshman, Miss Psychology and reigned as Miss North Carolina Central University. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Arizona State University. 

Christal has been an invited speaker and radio guest, many times, all over the country; including the NAACP, North Carolina Central University, The Department of Juvenile Justice, North Carolina State University, Passion for Purity Girls Conference, The Knowledge Group, Communities In Schools, The National Economics Teaching Association, Texas College Teachers Association, The NC Department of Public Safety and many church and non-profit organizations.  She has spoken at hundreds of schools and universities and keynoted or conducted trainings for many companies. Her vision and leadership are remarkable, and her accomplishments have been transformative for her organizations. She has been and continues to be a noteworthy role model, change agent and advocate of many. 

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​From speaking, coaching programs, counseling, training events, workshops, masterminds, seminars and online courses, Christal has transformed the minds, and therefore the lives, of thousands. Christal is a master at helping professionals in the mental health field establish their own balance, increase productivity, eliminate overwhelm and burnout and build the perfect practice blueprint to ensure success and longevity.


She also assists executive professionals who desire life balance, understand the importance of mental health, manage the many and often times challenging roles of being a parent, a spouse, and a career professional. She serves as a consultant to assist corporations  increase productivity, decrease turnover rates and build and retain mentally heathy professionals.   Christal welcomes the opportunity to help you and your organization get ChristalClear and experience your next level; subscribe or contact us today at

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