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As a serial entrepreneur that has birthed companies from solo practice to thriving seven location operations with over thirty employees, I have learned quite a bit throughout my journey and I count it pure joy to help others establish this level of success of their own.  
From speaking, coaching programs, counseling, training events, workshops, seminars and online courses, I have transformed the minds, and therefore the lives, of thousands. I am a master at helping professionals in the mental health field establish the perfect practice blueprint that embodies success and longevity. I also assist professionals who desire life balance, manage the many and often times challenging roles of being a parent, a spouse, and a career professional.
Entrepreneurship has afforded me the opportunity to use my creativity to maintain a successful business, pursue my passion and help others to do the same.        
Because of this, I have been able to live practicing my true passion, which consists of teaching leaders and entrepreneurs, mentoring college students and changing lives through therapy and coaching. I love helping individuals to be the absolute best version of themselves, especially in the entrepreneurial space.

I welcome the opportunity to help you and your organization get ChristalClear and experience your next level; subscribe or contact us today at

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I am a fully licensed therapist in multiple states, and committed to changing lives through mental
health. I have helped thousands of people from all different walks of life, begin their transformation to a better life, their best life.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

If you’re tired of settling and you feel like there is more to life than where you are…trust me, THERE IS!
And it's time for you to get ChristalClear about yours. 

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Stop watching from the sidelines and jump in to experience your next level. You’re doing yourself a disservice living anything less than what God has destined for you.

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Female Patient

Thank you for your professionalism and a confidential platform that makes therapy less scary. It is no
small feat to engage people and build trust in the online environment but this has been perfect for me.
It’s a testament to your skills and the skills of the therapists.

Kelley B.


During the process of my son receiving counseling, Christal would take the time between appointments
to come to the waiting room to greet clients and/or parents.  During one of these occasions I was in the
waiting room alone.  Christal took the time to check on me and see how I was doing, knowing that this
was a trying time for me.  In that conversation she extended services to me because she took the time
to listen to what I needed and not just what I was saying.  This conversation was the catalyst to me getting therapy, 
addressing my concerns, needs, stresses on a personal level. The end result was a better me!

Mara W.

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Although I realize that God has so much more in store for my life, the knowledge and experiences I have gained along my journey have been absolutely life changing. With over a decade of business ownership experience, a passion for people, two degrees in Psychology and a heart of gold; I have every intent to make this world a happier and mentally healthier place, one person at a time. 

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